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Annunciation Monastery – A monastic community of Benedictine Sisters dedicated to Prayer, Community, Service. 701-255-1520

Assumption Abbey of Richardton, ND – Benedictine priests and brothers:  It’s almost inevitable that a monk living a quiet life becomes a quiet man. Calm seeps into the soul and prayer becomes as regular as breathing. (701) 974-3315

Benedictine Nuns – A small community of Benedictine Nuns who try to seek God in this “school of the Lord’s service” known as St. Emma Monastery. 724-834-3060 

Conception Abbey – Ministering in Christ-like service to all people through the Abbey Center for Prayer and Ministry, the Printery House and parishes, hospitals and convents. (660) 944-3100

Congregation of Sisters of St. Agnes – Promoting Justice, Building Community. 920-907-2300

Daughters of Divine Charity – We strive to become a source of hope, a credible, visible sign of God’s goodness through: education, parish ministry, and residences for young women and the elderly. 718-720-7365

Daughters of Wisdom – An international congregation of Catholic Women Religious committed to seeking wisdom and promoting justice. Bringing the message of Jesus, Incarnate Wisdom, to people experiencing injustice, violence, poverty and oppression, especially women and children. (631) 277-2660

Holy Spirit Missionary Sisters – Techny IL An international religious community rooted in Trinitarian Spirituality. In dialogue with peoples of diverse cultures we are called by the Spirit, embracing the world. (847) 441-0126 x704

Mepkin Abbey – Focused on seeking and finding God in community where we “are of one heart and soul and everything is held in common” (Acts 4:32-33) 843-761-8509

Missionaries of the Precious Blood – A community of priests and brothers whose lives proclaim the love and mercy of Jesus, offered through his Precious Blood. Kansas City email:  vocations@preciousbloodkc.org  Cincinnati email: vocation@cpps-preciousblood.org

New Melleray Abbey. Silence and Solitude in Community. 563-588-2319 ext. 199

Pallottine Fathers and Brothers – We are called to Revive the Faith, Strengthen Hope and Rekindle Charity as Apostles of Christ in the service of the Church. Call or Text: 414-331-1273

Passionist Nuns of Erlanger, Kentucky – Consecrated to the Passion and Death of Jesus, the Passionist Nuns keep alive the memory of God’s redemptive love through prayer, poverty and community. They proclaim the hope that this greatest work of God’s love brings to a suffering world. 859-371-8568

Priests of the Sacred Heart – Priests and brothers called to live, pray and work together, sharing the love of the Sacred Heart in our lives and ministry. 800-609-5559

Sisters of the Precious Blood A vibrant community rooted in Eucharistic prayer, bringing reconciliation and healing through a variety of ministries. Call or text: 937-974-0626 Email: JLegg@cppsadmin.org

Sisters of the Visitation of Brooklyn Monastery – Monastic-contemplative. Prayer, community and Eucharistic Adoration Daily. Transfer Sisters Welcome! (718)491-4613 or (718)680-9422. Email: VAmonastery@aol.com

The Assumptionists – Men of prayer and study. We teach, preach and foster education in all its forms. Call or text: 508-215-9541